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Wedding, Berlin - My Home


When people ask me where I'm from, and I tell them that I am from "Wedding", they think I am trying to make a clever joke about parents (I really am not). For the geographically ignorant among us, Wedding is actually a place in Berlin, and apparently quite a hip one too! Anyways, it also just happens to be my birth place, so it holds a very space place in my heart, although I have since then traveled the world and settled down in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Weddings - My Passion


If you have just read the blurb on the left, you're probably thinking: "Oh I guess this is about Wedding, the place, and totally not wedding, as in the ceremony to wed two people." Well... It just so happen that my current professional happen to be in the wedding industry. Crazy right? So the girl from Wedding just so happen to have weddings as her poison of choice. Coincidence? maybe. But hey, at least I can be clever about my it on my web blog, am I right or am I right?

Teaching English - My Craft


So wedding industry is pretty competitive and stressful. I am sure those in the industry would agree with me. Some of us actually need to take in between work during the off season, or maybe we just need to unwind from the occasional Bride-Zillas we may encounter. So... what's my in-between gig? Unfortunately, I am no costumed super hero and my life isn't all that exciting, but I do teach English to native German speakers. Yay for my broken, 7 year old German!

So I got your attention

The Foremost Exciting and Random Blog about Vancouver Weddings

So now you've stumbled on my site, and I've told you about me. Let me pour you some virtual tea and invite you to hear me ramble... I mean discuss important political news. I kid, I kid. This site is a blog about my life as a wedding journalist and of course VANCOUVER WEDDING REVIEWS! Giving all the would-be-brides the ins and outs of everything that is wedding in Vancouver. Get the insider scoop on the follow wedding service provider reviews, including:

1. Vancouver wedding photographer reviews

2. Vancouver wedding cake reviews

3. Vancouver wedding dj reviews

4. Vancouver wedding commissioner reviews

5. Vancouver wedding venue reviews

Aside from everything that is Vancouver wedding, we will be featuring interviews with my fellow industry professionals, as well as my weekly blog on other things that pique my interest, including awesome deals around town, hip new restaurants and businesses I come into contact with, and fun and amazing things I want to share with you all. If you're lucky, I'll even throw in some random tidbits about my experience teaching ESL. Wowzers!  Excited yet? You better be!



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